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Furan Derivatives

Check out our research on the compound Furan and exploring Green Chemistry experimentation.

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Drosophila Genetics

We use the organism Drosophila melanogaster to understand genetics.

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Synthetic Organic Chemistry

We apply new methods of organic chemistry synthesis to create more efficent reactions.

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Biological and Agricultural Engineering

We use the tools of molecular biology and engineering to solve problems in the postharvest of produce around the world.

ABOUT is all about researching topics and finding out whats behind them.
The acquisition of knowledge is a duty incumbent on every Muslim, male and female.” - Prophet Muhammad

Facts are easy to come by. Knoweledge on the other hand, takes a level of care, precision, and hardwork to attain. It's something you have to be paitent with, and observe. It does not obey the laws of "fast food", meaning you can't have it in 4 minutes or less. Here at, we are very serious about knowledge. It's so important that our religion makes it a command to aquire knowledge. is all about conducting research on topics that interest us, it can range from political science to molecular biology. Anyone can do research, you just have to give it time. If you're interested in submitting your research, or contributing to one of our projects, scroll down and contact Umayr. On the side we have four projects we are currently working on. Check them out in the FEATURES section.

  • Using the principles of engineering and biology to improve biological systems.

  • Could antibiotics be a thing of the past? Disruption of communication between bacteria could be a better method.

  • Why should all the sciences be seperate? Differenct perspectives could produce spectacular results.

  • Administrations are mean't to serve students needs first. Students must keep this in check.

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