December 27, 2011

Derivatives of Furan – The green way is all about researching topics and finding out whats behind them.

Started Fall of 2013 – Spring 2014 –  We will be looking at the compound Furan. Consisting of an aromatic ring with four carbons and an oxygen, we will looking at better ways to synthesize cycloadditions involving Furan. The focus will be to unveil more “green” pathway for making derivatives of Furan,  for example, utilizing more ” friendly” solvents, shortening the reaction time and running the synthesis at room temperature

Furan is used for designing new drugs, diesel fuels, materials – to which we hope to develop a safer and more green method of cylcoaddition with Furan.


Research location : Organic Chemistry Lab – Las Positas College – Livermore CA.  

Research leads : Umayr S. 

Research faculty : Dr. Mircea Gheorghiu , Dr. Michael Ansell . 

Sample work conducted by Umayr Sufi :

Below you can find some work conducted on this project by Umayr Sufi. Most work is not available for viewing, and is being continued with other honours students at Las Positas College.

Literature and Paper Research :

Introduction to the Diels-Alder Reaction : Please note this is a paper in progress and should not be considered final – Click here for the paper

Experimentation – Furan Derivatives – Daily log

Day One (18/11/13)  : Click here

Day Two (19/11/13)  : Click here

Day Three-Four (20/11/13- 21/11/13) : Click here

Final Research Poster : Click here

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